Market intelligence

"Our passion is to create market-based intelligence using real forest property market data"

Collection of sales data

Based on the systematic and continuous monitoring of over 30 public forest property market channels, FIF collects property-specific information on forest properties for sale. This includes, for example, the location, size, growing stock and accessibility of a property, all of which have a significant impact, either direct or indirect, on valuation. This information is stored in the FIF database for further analysis.

Real sales data

Many forestland properties feature other forest-related factors that impact sales prices. This highlights the need to distinguish and separate representative forestland property sales from non-representative sales so as to ensure the comparability of the data. When scanning public sales data records, we at FIF apply nine selection criteria to determine whether a certain sales record is representative or not. The value of FIF’s data and analyses derives from the fact that only representative forestland property sales which take silvicultural factors (forestland and trees) into account are considered in subsequent analyses.

Wealth of data

The forest property market in Finland is the most active and transparent in the world. Forest property transaction data is widely available. FIF has been collecting market data from the Finnish forest real estate market since 2013. We have more than 15,000 forest property sales records in our archives. This number has been growing by around 2,000 records each year.

Market price index

Only a handful of forest property market indices are available around the world. And the only index based on real market transactions that uses the sales comparison method is FIF’s market price index (MPI). The MPI tracks the performance of the forest property market in Finland. It is updated daily with fresh market data in order to help identify the trends and orientation of the forest property market. The MPI makes it possible to draw comparisons between price levels specified at different points in time. It also allows for the quantification and illustration of price trends in different price areas and the examination of differences in price development over time.

Market analysis and reports

By harnessing the scientifically peer-reviewed market price predictor (MPP) model and drawing on its wealth of market data, FIF provides analyses, reports, visualizations and case studies on the forest property market in Finland. Dozens of forest investors and real assets managers rely on the intelligence provided by FIF for data-driven decision making.

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